Food, Travel / The New York Times

Culinary Cape Town

Eating experiences in Cape Town

Art / The Wall Street Journal

The Naked Truth About Art in South Africa

Dispatch on an art controversy in South Africa

Profile, Sports / Reader’s Digest

The Unsinkable Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad swims from Cuba to Florida

Religion, Science / Nautius

The Uncertain God

A story about religion and faith for a science magazine

Travel / The New York Times

Where the Nation was Shaped

A roadtrip to America’s historic roots

Travel / The Wall Street Journal

Nelson Mandela Tour of Cape Town

Revisiting sites of The Struggle in Cape Town

Travel / Prestige Singapore

Marco Polo

Trying out polo in Buenos Aires

Spirits, Travel / The Saturday Evening Post

On the Whiskey Trail

Back to America’s whiskey heartland

Health, Science / The Saturday Evening Post

The War on Polio

The global health initiative to eradicate polio

Editorial Writing / Haaretz (Israel)

On the media and the Charlie Hebdo massacre

The U.S. media’s Charlie Hebdo debacle

Essay, Social issues, Travel / Aeon

Final Words

Essay on epitaphs

Travel / Nowhere

Letter from the Czech Republic

Full version of a story I’d previously published piecemeal about a journey through Bohemia and Moravia

Travel / Nowhere


Full version of my 2014 National Geographic Traveler story published in Nowhere

Travel / Tablet

In the (Golan) Heights

In the Heights: a weekend journey through the Golan Heights

Environment, Travel / The Saturday Evening Post


Living the glories of an autumn storm in Vancouver Island

Essay, Travel / The Saturday Evening Post

Lost and Found

What happens when you have a driver who doesn’t know the way

Politics / Politico

Letter from the Golan Heights

A dispatch from Israel’s northern front

Travel / The Saturday Evening Post

Floating Toward Ecstasy

Diving into the jungles and waters of Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Baseball, Essay, Parenting / The Saturday Evening Post

A Discouraging Word

On Little League, and the value of being candid with kids

A Taste of Cayman
Food / World

A Taste of Cayman

The Island of Grand Cayman may be infamous as a haven for untaxed wealth but, as Todd Pitock finds, it’s also the culinary centre of the Caribbean.

/ Discovery Channel Magazine

Desert Survival

For centuries the nomadic Tuareg people have learned to live in the forbidding Sahara Desert.

Saving Tre
Health / Reader’s Digest

Saving Tre

Gravely wounded in Afghanistan, the young soldier faced a shortened life full of terrible illness.

The Slammer
Social issues / Discovery Channel Magazine

The Slammer

When the door closed behind you at Eastern State Penitentiary, you said goodbye to normal human contact, often for decades.