Travel / The Washington Post

Lost in the Translation

Dispatch from Johannesburg

Politics / Salon

Kenneth Starr’s Sex Appeal

An encounter with Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr

Travel / The New York Times

City Set in a Coastal Playground

NYT’s Travel cover on Durban, South Africa

Essay, Health / Chicago Tribune

Bald-faced Truths

On hair loss

Travel / ForbesLife

Open Desert

A journey deep into Libya’s Sahara

Essay, Golf / ForbesLife

Whatever Happened to Caddies, Anyway?

Reflections on the dwindling ranks of caddies, and what has golf is losing

Golf, Travel / ForbesLife

A Cheer in Provence

Playing golf in southern France

Golf, Profile / ForbesLife

Zero Handicap

Profile of the great, and sadly, late, Ben Witter

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Body Czech

Taking the cure in the Czech Republic

Golf, Profile / ForbesLife

Pumping Irons

Gary Player accuses golfers of using steroids

Golf, Human rights / ForbesLife

Green Fees

Golf’s questionable environmental record

Adventure, Travel / ForbesLife

Fjord Explorer

Kayaking Norway’s Sognefjord with a very inept guide

Dave Valle
Baseball / Reader’s Digest

Extra Innings

Former major leaguer Dave Valle could have retired to the golf course when he hung up his catcher’s glove.

Travel / Afar

An Old World Finds a New Path

Cover story for Afar’s inaugural issue: searching for Berber culture in Morocco

Social issues / Pacific Standard

Unbanging of Middle America

The rise of gangs in American middle class communities

Profile, Sports / Reader’s Digest

South Pole Trekker

(PDF) of story about a solo trek to the South Pole

Travel / The Atlantic

Taking the Leap

A mad dash through a wilderness in South Africa

Travel / The New York Times

The 10th Mountain Division

Hiking hut to hut in the Colorado Rockies

Environment, Science / Yale e-360

In Arid South African Lands, Fracking

Story on resistance (ultimately successful) against fracking the Karoo

Profile, Sports / 1843

In the Long Run

Profile of ultrarunner Ryan Sandes

Profile, Sports / ForbesLife

No Walk in the Park

Trekker Todd Carmichael tries to solo trek across Death Valley

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Bohemian Rhapsody on Two Wheels

Riding along the old Iron Curtain

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Conquer Clutter

A rumination on hoarders and stockpilers

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Saturday Evening Post cover on happiness and aging