Todd Pitock is an award-winning American journalist who has reported from more than 70 countries for publications worldwide, among them the New York Times, Smithsonian, The Telegraph Magazine, The Australian Financial Review, The South China Morning Post Magazine, Politico and others. He has written about the politics of animal conservation and what it's like to capture 5,000-pound rhinos; the central role of public art in cities; golf’s troubled human rights record in the developing world; what it’s like to submerse (naked) in almost-frozen glacial water; the joy and meaning of baseball in Japan; and the wisdom of discouragement in little league. And other things.


Swimming Upstream

Swimming Upstream: Lewis Pugh swims the English Channel

Science and Islam

Science and Islam

A journey across the Arab world talking to scientists and clerics about science and Islam

The Unsinkable Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad swims from Cuba to Florida


An Old World Finds a New Path

Cover story for Afar’s inaugural issue: searching for Berber culture in Morocco


Open Desert

A journey deep into Libya’s Sahara


2015 Grand Award SATW
2017 Planet Earth Award
ASJA Award
“He is a writer of élan and zest, and into the bargain is fearless, which is a good thing if you live and die in the sweaty trenches of lifestyle journalism, no place for sissies….Every now and then, you come ...

Christopher Buckley

"Pitock demonstrates not only a tremendous grasp of thick description but also an uncanny ability to bring meaning to his travel writing.”

Judges from the University of Missouri School of Journalism

"The drive, enterprise and professionalism, the clarity of thinking and the ability to translate complex, volatile issues to a general public, and to create a narrative worthy of the time to read it, is characteristic of Pitock’s approach to journalism.”

Patrice Adcroft

THE CYCLE The price of prison in America

Todd Pitock talks to The Cycle hosts about the culture of jails in America, and what the cost is to our wallets and our society at large.