Africa / Le Monde Diplomatique

Who is listening to Chad?

Chad is on the dark side of the journalism moon.


The Complicated Relationship of Israeli and American Jews

I am not sure if we Jews, so bound up with one another and yet so different, arranged in a kind of hierarchy, are brothers, or just cousins moving ineluctably toward a point of mutual non-familiarity.

Meerkat Meme
Africa, Essay / SCMP Magazine

How I became a meme: meerkat provides head start on road to online fame

Writer explains how he topped Reddit ranking and became a minor celebrity with the help of passing wildlife

Israel/Middle East, Politics / Politico

Letter from the Golan Heights

Dispatch from Israel’s northern front: “As long as they are killing each other we are safe”

Health / Cosmos Magazine

A Clean Bill of Health

The battle to eradicate polio is a story of invention, hardship, violence and hope.

Africa, Conservation / Smithsonian

A Movable Beast

Relocating 5,000 pound rhinos across Africa

Africa, Art, Profile / The New York Times

Project Space

A story of two African female artists making strides in the art world

Turf Wars
Golf, Human rights, Sports / Golf Digest Australia

Turf Wars

How golf course development went to developing countries for opportunity, and have caused a world of trouble.

Baseball, Travel / Travel & Leisure

The Healing Power of Baseball in Japan

Why baseball matters in Japan

Food, Travel / Smithsonian

Slurping Ramen

How to eat ramen, and how it became Japan’s national food

Environment, Travel / Geographical

Greenland: An Icy Hothouse of Change

Multiple award-winning story on finding in Greenland a crucible of global issues

From Red to Dead
Environment, Israel/Middle East, Politics / onEarth

Can the Red Sea save the Dead Sea?

Diverted water has depleted the Dead Sea and left sinkholes all around it; is pumping water from the Red Sea the fix?

Editorial Writing / Haaretz (Israel)

On Anne Frank

Amsterdam’s Anne Frank Industry — award winning editorial on how the young Holocaust victim has been posthumously exploited.

Science / Nautilus

Falling in Love with the Dark

The consequences of making night time disappear

Art / The New York Times

Johannesburg through the eyes of its Artists

How public art helped revive Johannesburg

Art, Profile, Travel / The Common

A Painter Brought to Life

An artist who perished in the Holocaust is rediscovered

Social issues / The Saturday Evening Post

Jailhouse Blues

A look at the roots of America’s mass incarceration problem

Golf, Travel / The Wall Street Journal

A Wild Game

In South Africa, golf safaris can make for a wild game

Travel / The Atlantic

In the Forest of the Night

Searching for swamp tigers in India’s Sunderbans

Amazon, Conservation, Environment, Travel / Pacific Standard

What is eco-tourism?

Can tourism be sustainable?

Golf, Scandinavia, Sports, Travel / ForbesLife

Hitting the Swede Spot

The Swedes are crazy about golf. Who knew?

Israel/Middle East, Travel, wine /


Celebrating Israel’s ancient vines and roots over a glass or two