"The drive, enterprise and professionalism, the clarity of thinking and the ability to translate complex, volatile issues to a general public, and to create a narrative worthy of the time to read it, is characteristic of Pitock’s approach to journalism.”

Patrice Adcroft

“He is a first class reporter and writer.”

Victoria Pope

"Terrific writer. Knows how to get to the heart of a story and tell it in vivid detail.”

Steve Slon, Editor

"We did a  lot of stories together at Forbes  FYI  and ForbesLife, and Pitock was a superstar — great stuff, delivered on time. You’d be surprised how rare that is. "

Patrick Cooke

"Pitock demonstrates not only a tremendous grasp of thick description but also an uncanny ability to bring meaning to his travel writing.”

Judges from the University of Missouri School of Journalism

“He is a writer of élan and zest, and into the bargain is fearless, which is a good thing if you live and die in the sweaty trenches of lifestyle journalism, no place for sissies….Every now and then, you come ...

Christopher Buckley

"Todd Pitock is an amazingly talented American writer who has the kind of dry humor acquired only by those who have undergone an unusual textual education, and he makes a computer keyboard sing in  a way that brightens even an ...

Lior Neeman, editor’s note